Issaquah High School's class of 1963

Susan Baugh Tomley took over a 1,000 slides on her recent trip to Antarctica.   Due to the menopausal condition of my brain, I may have referred to her trip to the Himalayas.   I think I may have gotten her mixed up with Jack Ardussi, but what the hay!    Here are a couple of pictures for now; and she promises to send us a travelogue later.

Sue's tripThis is a photo of me with my two friends (I'm on the right) standing on the aft deck of our ship Orion in rough seas crossing Drake Passage.   Drake Passage is the body of water that separates the tip of South America from Antarctica and is known to have the roughest seas in the world.

Sue's tripThis is a photo of three new friends I met in Antarctica.    They are Chinstrap penguins.

Sue's trip This is a photo of me (on the left) with my two travel companions on top of a little mountain on mainland Antarctica above Paradise

Sue's trip This is a photo of me at Jougla Point on Weinke Island in the South Shetland Islands that parallel the Antarctic Peninsula.    Gentoo penguins are on the rocks behind me with a schooner in the bay and a calved-off glacier across the bay behind me.

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