Bill Long's fabulous fishing trip
(similar to Woodside's hunting stories)

Here are some pix of the fishing trip we went on in July 2004.

The party consisted of myself, my son (pictured), his father-in-law and brother-in-law. The 4 of us were on a 24 foot Boston Whaler out of Bamfield, BC.

To get there we took a BC ferry to Nanaimo and then drove for about an hour on freeway and another 2 hours on 51 miles of logging road. That is the only way to get to Bamfield other than seaplane of boat.

The accommodations were terrific. We stayed in the lodge and all meals, drinks, and 3 days of fishing were included in the price. The evenings were spent raiding the bar and watching the Seattle Mariners loose to the Toronto Blue jays on the big screen TV.

The first day we went out 26 miles to fish. We caught 8 nice King Salmon before we had to come in due to gale warnings. On the way back in, we stopped in the bay to check out the shrimp nets. We ended up with about 2 and a half gallons of shrimp and 2 crabs. That was dinner the first evening.

The second day we didn't go past the mouth of the bay due to wind. Early in the morning was the best fishing for salmon. That morning we caught the biggest fish of the trip. I caught a 24 pounder and my son caught a 21 pounder. In the after noon we went to a different spot and caught 10 sea bass and some rock cod. They cleaned up really nice and are a very mild white fish. It was fun watching the many bald eagles sail over the boats looking for a hand-out. Somebody would throw in a small scrap fish and the eagle would swoop down and pluck it out of the water and head back to land for breakfast. We also saw several whales.

The third morning we caught 3 more king salmon and then had to head back in as we had to check out by noon.

The trip back was uneventful. We were lucky and were one of the last cars to get on the ferry. If we had missed it, we would have waited another 3 hours and I wouldn't have been fit to live with. All in all, It was a nine hour trip back to Tumwater, where all but myself live. The next day my folks drove over from Walla Walla, my sister came down from Seattle and we had a salmon BBQ. Saturday I packed my share of the catch on ice and did the 12 hour drive back to the Bay area.

Are we going back next year? Yep, we've already booked for August:-)

Bill Long's fish story, Issaquah High School Class of 1963

Bill Long's fish story, Issaquah High School Class of 1963

Bill Long's fish story, Issaquah High School Class of 1963