Issaquah High School Class of 1963
Classmates who attended the 40-year reunion know that Bob Moe won the coveted prize of the night--the pink flamingos (recently nominated as our class bird). This is a copy of the instructions sent to Bob Moe shortly after the reunion. We were too busy on the night of the reunion to properly inform him. It's a good idea to put this information down on paper anyway. Just look at the surprised but happy expression on Bob's face as Vickie handed him the prize.


Issaquah High School Class of 63 BOB MOE:
You have the great honor of being the first member of the "Order of the Pink Flamingo." I assume that you will take this responsibility seriously and safeguard "the birds" with your life, if need be. Whenever we have a class activity, consider any invitation to also include "the birds."

If you go out of town, please feel free to take "the birds" with you and to document your adventures via pictures or video. We will post this information on our class website, which is just now in the hatching stage.

Some "common sense" rules apply to "the birds." For example,

  • Do not paint them, unless you match the colors exactly.
  • Do not lose them; they are irreplaceable.
  • You may keep them in their nude state or clothe them as you see fit.
  • Please keep the cage (aka the box they came in) clean as do-do is a no-no.
  • "The birds" are to be protected from the jealousy of siblings, spouses, or significant others.
  • It is OK to eat any flamingo eggs that you may find (the fertile ones supposedly have anti-aging properties).
  • Since each bird only as one leg, do not enter them in any flamingo fights. We don't want to take a chance that "the birds" might get hurt; and such fights are illegal anyway.

If you have any questions about your responsibilities or about "the birds" in general, please don't hesitate to contact one of us. However, Bill Haro or Vickie Baima should be your first choice, as both of them have taken the flamaze classes. In addition, Vickie has her Pink Cross card and can answer first aid questions. If "the birds" grow to be the size of a horse, we would then refer you to Ray Woodside.

You understand that you have been entrusted with a BIG responsibility by becoming the first member of the "Order of the Pink Flamingo." This places upon you the extra obligation of setting a good example to the classmates who will follow you in this great honor.

You should also understand that it is highly likely that you will become quite attached to "the birds" during the next 5 years, at which time you will transfer the care and feeding of the pink flamingos to another. It may be hard for you give up "the birds" at the next class reunion, but this must be so. If post-traumatic-flamingo counseling is required, it will be provided.

The 40-year Reunion Planning Committee wishes you well.

Bird give a tribute to Bob Moe

POSTNOTE April 2004: Bob reports "the flam" [aka the pink flamingo] has been carousing around with his cats.   He has been trying to set a good example, but it's alot like a wayward teen-ager.   The flam just won't pay attention.   Bob did lay down the law though on one matter--absolutely no eating mice.   That's the cats' job, if they ever get off their duffs to do a little work around the placeThe pink flamingo makes friends.