Dick Abbott gave me a notebook of his poems to read.
Some of them were so heartfelt that I actually felt as though
I was looking through a window into his soul and was trespassing in the process.
He has a unique talent, as several of our classmates do.

Here is a light-hearted poem I'm sure he won't mind my sharing;
and he can have me add more of his choosing later.


Fifty-fifty's nifty when you're dealin' with yourself ~
But beware that kind of 'rithmetic when vows are on the shelf.
For though "giveme five" and all that jive are righteous right and "in"
You won't believe the benefits when you give your mate all ten.

Now it aint' the lack of calculous that makes the world grow sad . . .
It's over ever-lovin' habit to subtract . . . when we should add.
So no matter who your partner is ~ remember through the end
By practicing your adding . . . you will sum day have a friend.

for my friends, written 4-14-81

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